The Divine Choir explores vocal based creative arts which utilizes sonic meditations, singing, chanting and deep listening to create an environment of healing and expression.  We explore material from areas such as  Sonic Healing Arts, Nada Yoga, and Modern Composition.

The Divine Choir practices singing is a form of meditation and prayer. Together we hold space for connection to our higher power and inner voice.  You do not need to consider yourself a singer or musician to be in the divine choir.  The Divine Choir holds the space for participants to express themselves and use their creative energy for healing.   The Divine Choir welcomes participants from all creeds, beliefs, irreligions, all genders, sexual orientation, and physical abilities.

A class may include some of the following activities



-Improvisational Vocalizing

-Healing Movement

-Sonic Compositions by Pamela Martinez, Pauline Oliveros, Meredith Monk, John Beaulieu, Silvia Nakkach, David Hykes, John Cage

-Discussion on Healing, Creativity, Expression and Performance

-Creative Expression Activities

The Divine Choir is a non-performing group. See calendar for workshop dates or contact